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Hydrographer Pakistan Navy on behalf of Government of Pakistan is responsible for issuing NAVAREA Warnings / Navigational Warnings to Mariners for NAVAREA IX in accordance with SOLAS Chapter V, Para 2.b for safety of life and shipping at sea. It may be noted that these Navigational Warnings are normally based on information provided / received through various sources that may not be complete or reliable all the time; therefore Mariners are requested to be vigilant and careful while taking decisions thereof.

Further, this website though regularly updated / monitored, however availability of Navigational Warnings on the web does not relieve Masters / Captains of the requirement to receive Navigational Warnings via IMO/IHO approved broadcast systems.

Pakistan being NAVAREA IX coordinator maintain following broadcasts:

a. Safetynet via LES BURUM (INMARSAT ‘C’)
b. Navtex through Karachi Coast Radio Station (Temporarily Suspended )
(Position 24°-51´N., 67° 03´E , Range 250 NM)

Follwowing Inforced Navigational Warnings of Navarea IX are available on Sunday, July 12, 2020 .

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Navarea IXNTMs •Navigational Warnings • Coastal Warnings

Pakistan Navy Hydrographic Department